Your Favorite Cruise Line?

What Makes Your Cruise Perfect? 

Today, I’d like to hear from you.  What cruise line is your favorite, because you can count on a great cruise with them?  Are you loyal to that cruise line, or are you willing to sail other cruise lines for a really great itinerary? 

I have a group of guests who cruise frequently, and they’re always willing to try out a new cruise line that’s sailing avoyagerhorns new and interesting itinerary.  There’s always something they like on every cruise, and there’s always things that could have been done better, but, all in all, they’ve never taken a cruise they didn’t like.  They have a favorite cruise line that meets the majority of their preferences, but they’re always willing to try another cruise line with a nice itinerary.

And, there’s several other guests who book through my agency who are loyal to one cruise line and wouldn’t even consider booking with another.  They loved their first cruise plus every cruise since then, so why mess with a good thing? 

So, here’s my question today, are you loyal to one cruise line or will you book with any cruise line for a great itinerary?  I’d love to hear your comments on this subject!

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