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CB Nov2009 092I love answering questions about travel, and I’ve blogged over the years about some of the questions I’m asked most often, so I thought it was about time to review some of those past blogs. 

I’m so thankful for all my repeat guests, but some folks still don’t understand that travel agents provide not only a wonderful service, but also the lowest prices.  And, folks are always looking for the lowest prices, so I’ve given them my best tips for finding the lowest prices for cruises, as well as the best airfare prices.   Guests who fly want to know about airline fees, and, of course, I’ve included some tips to eliminate the hassles of air travel

I always recommend travel protection to protect your vacation investment and to provide protection from unexpected expenses in the event of health problems of yourself or something back home while you’re traveling.  My top two recommendations are to never leave home without your passport and travel protection.    You also need to remember that each cruise line has their own online check-in requirement to satisfy Homeland Security, so get that done as soon as you complete your travel plans.  And, if you’re traveling overseas, you’ll find different etiquette in different countries.  And, here’s tips I offer any guest concerned about motion sickness

CB Nov2009 020Every guest has different travel needs, so I’ve blogged over the years about wedding proposals at sea, weddings at sea, family cruising, and maintaining your weight while on a cruise.  And, for those foodies out there, you’ll definitely want to try out the specialty restaurants on the cruise.  I also recommend these ship restaurants that require reservations for any special occasion you’re celebrating while aboard the ship. 

And, just for fun, I’ve highlighted our favorite Caribbean beaches … my husband and I would be so happy living on a beach!  We also found some wonderful beaches in Bermuda when we cruised there in May, and a return visit is required to experience them all.  

Hope you’ll leave a comment telling me about some of your favorite beaches as well!

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