What’s Your Favorite Caribbean Beach?

Here’s Our Favorite Caribbean Beaches

We love beaches, and in fact, we dream of retiring on one of these great island beaches!  Everywhere we go, we love nothing better than finding a beautiful beach where we can enjoy part of the day.  I enjoy a beach chair under a big umbrella, a foo-foo drink and a book in my hands, a cool breeze, warm sand under my feet, and the sound of the tide rolling into the beach.  My husband is more of a sun lover, so his chair is nearby in the full sun.  So, here’s some of our favorite beaches, and I hope you’ll share your favorite beaches in a comment below! 

Our favorite beach in Cozumel is Paradise Beach.  At Paradise Beach, admission is free and so are your beach chairsCB Nov2009 001 and umbrellas.  All they ask is that you order some food and/or drinks from the beach servers or in the nearby open-air restaurant.  A fun place for couples or a family! 

Every time we visit Barbados, we have to visit Boatyard Beach.  We relax all day long, with a few interruptions from locals selling their crafts … which are so fabulous I always have to buy something … real art.  A fun party at the beach bar kicks in during Happy Hour as the sun sets, but we are always the last in our chairs, waiting for the sun to drop below the horizon.  Then we wonder down the beach to a great little beach restaurant, Lobster Alive, where we enjoy the most fabulous evening meal, with their warm and friendly serving staff.  The owner even whispered the secret recipe for his fabulous rum punch in our ears!  A water hose sits outside the door to rinse the sand off our feet before we enter, and a taxi awaits to deliver us safely back to our cruise ship or resort!  

Orient Beach is the place to go in St. Maarten … at least once!  As the taxi driver who dropped us off warned us, “Turn right for the nude beach, turn left for the clothing optional beach.”  This is a beautiful beach lined with restaurants, each trying to lure you in, and offering you a deal on beach chairs and space for eating there.  You will see some nudity, but it isn’t a party atmosphere … simply people without clothes, and only a few on the left end!  Mostly older locals who are tanned from head to toe.  (I’m not adding a link to this one to keep my blog family friendly … )

We’ve been to several great beaches in St. Thomas … Coki Beach, Magen’s Bay, Sapphire Beach, and Secret Harbour … all different, so just depends on the kind of day you want.  And, Trunk Bay in St. John’s just across the bay is a great place to snorkel! 

In Grand Cayman, we spent some pleasant hours at Seven Mile Beach, but this one didn’t go down as one of our favorite beach days.  Sure didn’t look like seven miles of beach, and it sure was crowded.  Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda was beautiful, but the wind was blowing too hard that day for umbrellas, so we just passed on through.  We hope to revisit that beach another day.  And, we parasailed for the first time from Palm Beach in Aruba … that was a really nice day! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures of some of our favorite beaches in the Caribbean.  Please leave a comment below adding your favorite beaches!

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