Vacation Layaway?

Vacation Payments

When planning vacations for my guests, I’m often asked if I can accommodate payments on the vacation?  My answers is always, yes!  Whether you’re booking a cruise or a land vacation, there will be a booking deposit that must be paid in order to book that trip.  That’s the only cost of your vacation that must be paid all at one time.  The final date is also inflexible.  The full amount must be paid by the final payment date.  So, if you’re planning to make payments on your vacations, here’s a few things you need keep in mind: 

  • Book early!  Cruises must be paid in full about 70 days before departure, and most land vacations require payment in full from 30 – 45 days prior to travel.  You can’t book a last minute cruise and make payments, because full payment is required to book the last minute cruises.  Booking your cruise early will allow you to make payments on your cruise. 
  • Every once in a while, the cruise lines will offer a reduced deposit sale, where you can book your cruise for half-price or less.  This is another way to book your cruise with a low deposit, then make payments over time.  Our agency regularly has Princess cruises for a low $100 per person deposit, as well as Carnival group space for just $25 per person deposit. 
  • Payments for a land trip are a little more difficult, because booking the accommodations bundled with the airfare provides the lowest cost for the trip, but airfare must always be paid in full to book.  So, you just have to plan for a higher deposit, but you usually have a longer time to make payments, since final payments for land trips are usually closer to the actual departure date. 

So, if you’re looking for a layaway vacation where you make vacation payments, it can definitely be done by booking early!  A good travel agent can help you with this, and I’d love for to contact me at Best Cruise Planners.

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