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Ports of Call

St. Thomas

U.S. Virgin Islands

We love St. Thomas.  The folks on this island are friendly and welcoming, and St. Thomas has some of the most beautiful views and beaches I’ve ever seen.  We consider St. Thomas a paradise, and Roger claims he’s working his way south to live in St. Thomas at least six months out of every year.  more »

Cruise Review

Carnival Conquest

January 31 – February 7, 2010

Please welcome my guest blogger, Robin Johnson, who reviews her recent cruise experience aboard the Carnival Conquest in true Arkansas style!  Here’s Robin …

 The Carnival Conquest was the second cruise for my husband, CJ, and I, but it was our first 7-night cruise. Our first cruise was just 4 nights, which wasn’t enough time to do everything that we wanted to do.  We decided to sail from Galveston, because it would be an easy drive from Arkansas, saving us the cost of flights.  With a group of 13 friends and family, we drove in four cars, sharing the cost of fuel to make it affordable for everyone.  more »

Scuba Diving Destinations & Tips

Scuba Diving Destinations & Tips

PatchWe’ve met lots of good friends on cruises, who we travel with over and over again.  Dave Patch is one of those friends who we enjoy seeing as often as we can, but he is also an avid scuba diver, having dived  more than 100 times all over the world.   At Dave’s encouragement, I became scuba certified in 2009.  I asked Dave to share some of his best scuba tips and destinations as a guest blogger, in hopes that more folks will become scuba certified to experience the amazing underwater world.  Here is Dave’s first guest blog, with more to follow about dive destinations and tips. 


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Play a round with Tiger?

My friend did! golfcourse

Since Tiger Woods is in the news, I guess it’s the perfect time to tell you my Tiger Woods story.  Actually, it’s not my story, but the story of my travel agent friend, Irene.  And, no, neither of us ever knew him intimately. more »

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