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Good Friday 2010

Good Friday Thanks

So many fabulous friends have written guest blogs for us, and I want to say thank you.  Tom & Mary Milano most recently wrote several Wimpy Friday reviews, and I certainly want to give them a big thank you, because I know many of you were already fans of theirs, while others were just getting to know them.  Tom’s taking a break from these reviews, but I wanted them to know the joy they brought to our lives. 

As a review, here’s all the recent guest blogs: 

I’ve invited these wonderful people to share their stories with you, because their stories may enrich your travel experience and will definitely enrich your souls.  If you’ve enjoyed any of these guest bloggers, please leave a comment on one of their posts here, or visit their blogs and websites to let them know.  It’s good to let folks know they’re appreciated. 

To that end, thank you for sharing in my life by reading my blog.  I love my life! 

Judy J.

A view from Nassau’s Hilton beach!

This pic from our friends, Mike and Lee.  You can see more of their great cruise photos at this link!


Luxury Resort Review

One of my valued guests, Kelli Marks, has just returned from a stay at the luxury resort, NH Riviera Cancun, so I’m welcoming her as my guest blogger today to offer you a review of her visit to Puerto Morelos, Cancun, and her stay at NH Riviera Cancun.  more »