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Sabbath Sunday 10/25/09

Worship Music in the Caribbean

We like 7- or 8-nights cruises the best.  With shorter cruises, we feel like we’ve barely started relaxing when we’re already disembarking.  For us, it takes at least seven nights to really relax and restore our souls.  (With one child still at home and in school nine months out of the year, we haven’t taken any of those great longer cruises yet, but we’re looking forward to those 9-night and longer cruises in coming years.)  All these cruises that sail 7-nights or longer, we find ourselves at sea at least one or more Sundays.  Even though, I’m on a cruise ship, my mind is still connected to God, especially on Sundays.  more »

Sabbath Sunday

Church Services on a Cruise? 

DSCN0205From time to time, a guest will ask if there will be a religious service aboard the ship, and my answer varies from season to season and from one cruise line to the next.  Almost all the cruise lines have a clergy person to conduct services for cruises sailing during religious holidays. more »