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Price Increases?

Cruise Price Increases

I’m a travel agent, but I love just researching and talking about travel.  That’s why I became a travel agent! I normally don’t discuss prices on this blog, but the recent announcements of price increases deserved some discussion. As a traveler, my goal is to always have at least one trip booked, and I am in heaven if I have more than one booked.  Doing so requires me to pay close attention to not only sales, but also price increases like were recently announced.  more »

Oasis of the Seas!

Blogging Live from the Ship

Tomorrow morning, Friday, October 20th, we’ll be boarding Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Oasis of the Seas, for a two-day cruise to nowhere.  Royal Caribbean invited travel agents like myself as well as several valued guests to join them for this complimentary cruise.  Here are several ways you can join me: more »

White Hot Party!

Parties @ Sea

Last spring we sailed the Norwegian Spirit roundtrip from Boston to Bermuda, where the ship served as our floating resort while we toured Bermuda.  We had a great time in Bermuda, exploring the beaches and towns, and we can’t wait to go back again, because although that beautiful island is quite small, it will take several visits to experience everything.  But, we were in for one more fabulous treat as the Spirit set sail for home, a party at sea.  more »

Vacation Layaway?

Vacation Payments

When planning vacations for my guests, I’m often asked if I can accommodate payments on the vacation?  My answers is always, yes!  Whether you’re booking a cruise or a land vacation, there will be a booking deposit that must be paid in order to book that trip.  That’s the only cost of your vacation that must be paid all at one time.  The final date is also inflexible.  The full amount must be paid by the final payment date.  So, if you’re planning to make payments on your vacations, here’s a few things you need keep in mind:  more »

Looking for a Cheap Cruise?

Finding the Best Cruise Price!

Finding the best cruise price really means finding the right cruise for you – ship, sail date, itinerary, departure port, and accommodations – at the best price available.  If you’re just looking for the lowest price, you need to sail during the slower travel months of the region you’re visiting, in an inside stateroom on a short cruise, sailing from a driving distance port.  But, for the rest of us, we know what we want, and we just want the best value for that product.  So, let’s take a look at the various elements that impact price to see what we can control: more »