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Lost Luggage? Cozy Staterooms?

I’ve asked some wonderful friends and guests of ours, Lee Whitman and Michael Daschuk, to share their tips for first time cruisers. ThisLeeMike3 is part 3 of our 4-part series.  In Part 1, they shared everything that happens from arriving in port until you preparing to board the ship, and Part 2 was things you may want to do first when you board the ship.  If you have any questions about your first cruise or comments you’d like to add, please leave your comments below.  We’d love to hear from you! 

Woes and Challenges

Let’s first deal with an unpleasant possibility, since it’s better to be prepared.  If your luggage is lost while you are flying to the cruise and does not arrive before you are scheduled to board, make sure to file a claim with the airline at the airport. If you more »

Boarding Your First Cruise?

I’ve asked some wonderful friends and guests of ours, Mike and Lee, to share their tips for first time cruisers.  Over LeeMike2the next week, their series of posts will include information about arriving at port, check-in at the cruise terminal, boarding the ship, dealing with lost luggage, what to do when you board the ship, and more.  Enjoy! 

Everything We Wish We’d Known on Our First Cruise

When Mike and I started cruising, we read a lot of reviews, and while people talked a lot about what life was like once you were on the ship or what the ports were like, we wondered about the process of getting on the ship and what the first day was like.  With that in mind, I plan to write in this series of blog posts about the process of getting onboard and making sure you have everything in place to ensure that you have a great time onboard.  Our experience is from 16 cruises on five different cruise lines so far, so I’ll try to write generally enough that it will cover most any ship. more »

What about Travel Protection? Just say, Yes!

Peter Greenberg is one of my favorite travel writers, so I wanted to share his list, “Top 10 Reasons for Travel Insurance”, plus my added comments in italics:
  1. Your flight has been cancelled. I receive calls from guests delayed in airports due to weather, mechanical issues, staffing problems, and more, but there’s very little I can do to help them in most of these situations. Your best bet is to fly in a day early and purchase travel protection. One of my guests was headed to the Bahamas, when her flight was cancelled, and the next flight to her destination on that airline was not until two days later. She called the emergency more »