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Vacation Layaway?

Vacation Payments

When planning vacations for my guests, I’m often asked if I can accommodate payments on the vacation?  My answers is always, yes!  Whether you’re booking a cruise or a land vacation, there will be a booking deposit that must be paid in order to book that trip.  That’s the only cost of your vacation that must be paid all at one time.  The final date is also inflexible.  The full amount must be paid by the final payment date.  So, if you’re planning to make payments on your vacations, here’s a few things you need keep in mind:  more »

Independent Tour Operators Overseas

Thought you might enjoy checking out some independent tour guides some guests of ours have used on Mediterranean cruises, as well as some restaurants they’ve experienced.  Enjoy!  more »

Do I Need A Passport?

U.S. Passport Rules! 

This is one of the most frequent questions I’m asked.  And, it’s funny, because if someone asks me that questions, they usually ask me it three or more times.  Before they book, they ask me, “Do I need  a passport for this cruise?”  After their cruise is booked, they ask the same question again.  Then they go to work or church or anywhere and share their excitement about the cruise they’ve just booked.  A friend then reminds them that they now need a passport for cruises, which sends them back to me one more time with that same question.  more »

Looking for a Cheap Cruise?

Finding the Best Cruise Price!

Finding the best cruise price really means finding the right cruise for you – ship, sail date, itinerary, departure port, and accommodations – at the best price available.  If you’re just looking for the lowest price, you need to sail during the slower travel months of the region you’re visiting, in an inside stateroom on a short cruise, sailing from a driving distance port.  But, for the rest of us, we know what we want, and we just want the best value for that product.  So, let’s take a look at the various elements that impact price to see what we can control: more »

Ten Reasons Cruises Are Not Created Equal

One of the biggest reasons to not just find a cruise itinerary and price that you like, then click and buy, is every cruise line is different.  The value of a travel agent is we are knowledgeable about all the different cruise lines, so we can help you find the cruise line that best matches your expectations.  Your vacation will then meet or exceed those expectations. more »