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Looking for Cheap Airfare?

Finding the Cheapest Airfare

Many of my guests have asked me if I can help them find the cheapest airfare for their cruise vacations.  I think we all know that airfare prices continually change, so finding the lowest price for airfare from any airport requires time, luck, and preparedness.  Here are my best suggestions! more »

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Point & Click Travel? Seriously?

Point & Click Travel? Seriously?

I’m on a travel rant this morning! 

Yesterday I received an email from a person who works with a guest of mine who books a cruise with me every year.  This person is celebrating her 50th birthday in 2010, so let’s all stop to say Happy Birthday!  Her daughter and a couple of friends booked a cruise for her birthday party.  They found an online agency, pointed, clicked, and  more »

Your Cruise Answer Place

CB Nov2009 092I love answering questions about travel, and I’ve blogged over the years about some of the questions I’m asked most often, so I thought it was about time to review some of those past blogs. 

I’m so thankful for all my repeat guests, but some folks still don’t understand that travel agents provide not only a wonderful service, but also the lowest prices. more »