Sabbath Sunday 11/01/09

Roger and I took our first cruise in January, 2000.  We had planned to honeymoon on a cruise ship, but, as our CB Nov2009 164wedding budget spun out of control, our honeymoon budget diminished to a simple road trip to Branson, Missouri, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Our 20th wedding anniversary arrived in August, 1999, Roger’s 40th birthday was in October, 1999, and I finally graduated with my college degree in December, 1999, so we booked our first cruise aboard the Carnival Sensation to the Western Caribbean to celebrate. 

That cruise was wonderful.  And, this was the first trip in a long time that wasn’t interrupted by a client calling or emailing, because we turned off our cell phones and stayed offline!  From that time on, we started taking two cruises each year … one in the first quarter of the year and one in the fall, because the prices are low then, and the weather at home is cold.  When we decided it was time for me to leave the corporate world and start my own business in 2005, starting my own travel agency was a dream come true.  I love planning vacations for myself and for others, almost as much as I enjoy my vacation experiences!  Since we opened Best Cruise Planners, we take even more vacations per year, so I’m now a vacation expert. 

One of the things I try to do on all my vacations is to spend plenty of time just relaxing.  It’s easy to over-plan and over-schedule your vacation days, and return home without resting and restoring your mind, body and spirit.  The earlier you start this process on your vacation, the better you’ll feel when you return home. 

And, remember that everyone relaxes in different ways.  For example, when the ship sails, Roger positions himself on the rail of an open-air deck of the ship, and he stays there watching until land disappears.  I see him visibly relax during that time.  While he’s doing that, my body has picked up the beat of the sailaway music, and my feet just can’t be still, as I dance my tensions away.  Throughout the cruise, Roger requires some time on a deck chair, relaxing and napping in the sun, while I find a quiet corner somewhere on the ship to read.  You might find me in a charming nook inside the ship or in a deck chair in a breezy, shaded area. We have lots of fun time together on the cruise, but we’ve learned to embrace these relaxation times separately. 

So, how do you relax while you’re on vacation?  I’d love for you to leave your comments.

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