Sabbath Sunday 10/25/09

Worship Music in the Caribbean

We like 7- or 8-nights cruises the best.  With shorter cruises, we feel like we’ve barely started relaxing when we’re already disembarking.  For us, it takes at least seven nights to really relax and restore our souls.  (With one child still at home and in school nine months out of the year, we haven’t taken any of those great longer cruises yet, but we’re looking forward to those 9-night and longer cruises in coming years.)  All these cruises that sail 7-nights or longer, we find ourselves at sea at least one or more Sundays.  Even though, I’m on a cruise ship, my mind is still connected to God, especially on Sundays. 

One of the things that always pleasantly surprises me is the number of businesses and tour operators in the Caribbean who play Christian music in their businesses.  And, I find myself speaking and praying blessings that these Christian businesses will prosper under God’s favor, as they honor God with worship music in their businesses.  I never fail to thank these Christians for sharing their faith through music, and they alway respond with big smiles, giving God the glory. 

There’s nothing more fun than hearing a worship song that we sing in our local church, being song with an “island” accent.  You still know the song, the words are the same, but you know you’re on vacation when it’s sang with an island beat and accent.  Hope you enjoy this video, and please feel free to leave your comments about some people or businesses of faith you’ve experienced in your travels! 

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