Royal Caribbean Builds Incredible

Thinking Outside the Box

We really enjoyed the Comedy show in Oasis of the Seas Comedy Live venue.  Of course, since the Oasis of the Seas is such an incredible ship, the comedians joked that the Royal Caribbean executives may have been sitting around, smoking a little whacky tobaccy, thinking up all the things that had never been done on a cruise ship before, which they then added to the design.  Divers, synchronized swimmers, Central Park, and a zipline are just a few of the great new innovations.  But I really loved the way they’re just thinking outside the box.  

Who’d have thought we could do muster drills without actually carrying life jackets to and from our rooms and donning them at the muster stations?  Great idea!  Storing the life jackets at the muster stations instead of in the staterooms is a brilliant idea. 

Another great idea is the new way Royal Caribbean is handling onboard photos.  You’ll still be asked to pose for ship’s photographers allOasis1 across the ship, but viewing and buying them has all changed … and it’s just what all of us veteran cruisers have wanted for a long time.  When you pose for photos, the photographer will now first ask to scan your SeaPass.  This allows them to collect all your photos together based on your Sea Pass info.  When you walk into the Focus Photo Gallery, you won’t find walls and walls of photos like you normally see, and you will no longer have to scan everyone else’s photos until you find yours. 

Royal Caribbean came up with two great new options to easily view and purchase your photos.  You can scan your SeaPass at one of several monitors in the Gallery, and your photos will appear on the monitor for easy review.  I loved this option, because I don’t necessarily want to flip through lots of photos.  But, if the ship is really busy, obviously these  monitors may all be in use, so the second option is even easier. 

Oasis2You’ll find a four-digit number on your SeaPass, for example 18-64.  The first two digits indicate a Tower Number and the last two digits indicate a Portfolio number.  So, in the example of 18-64, I would find all my photos at Tower Number 18 in Portfolio 64.  The portfolio is simply a hard-covered book which hold all your photos for the whole week.  What a great idea!

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