Recent Guest Questions!

I love answering questions!  I had so many questions before our first cruise, and no one to answer them.  It never crossed my mind to call my travel agent, so I encourage all my guests to call or email me with their questions.  There really are no stupid questions, because if you’re wondering about something, it’s good to get the answer.  So, here’s some questions I’ve recently answered:  

  • Are there enough life jackets for everyone on the ship?  I think this question is a result of the movie, Titanic, where thereLeeLifeJacket were not enough life jackets for all the passengers.  Rest assured, every passenger has a life jacket on the cruise ship, and there are even extras.  You’ll find life jackets in your stateroom for every guest booked in that room.  If you need a smaller life jacket for a child or a larger life jacket for a larger adult, just ask your stateroom attendant for these, and they’ll get them for you immediately.  Additional life jackets are also available at muster stations – the locations where you report in an emergency, in case you report there without the life jacket from your room.  You’ll learn all about this at the muster drill, which is mandatory on every cruise. 
  • Do I need to pack beach towels?  Not a silly question at all, because when you go to the beach, you take your beach towels, but this is not required on a cruise.  Your stateroom attendant will leave beach towels in your room every morning and removes them every evening to be laundered.  These can be taken into port with you, but be sure to return them to the ship, or you could be charged for them.  Towels are also available on the pool decks of most ships. 
  • Will they allow me to take some snacks and drinks aboard?  My question is always … why would you?  From the moment you board the ship until days after your cruise ends, you are not going to be hungry.  There’s an opportunity to eat something delicious at no charge at any time, day or night!  Now, drinks may be another story.  Some cruise lines carry only one cola soft drink brand aboard.  So, if you have to have Pepsi, and the ship only has Coke, you may want to bring a 24-pack along.  And, some folks like to bring along their own water to avoid the high cost of bottled water on the ship.  I would rather pay for the water than drag water along, but to each their own.  Most of the cruise lines allow you to bring a couple bottles of wine or champagne aboard, but they reserve the right to charge a corkage fee.  But, they discourage bottles of liquor, and in fact, those are often removed from your luggage if found. 
  • Do I need a passportEnough said! 

What questions do you have?  Feel free to ask them in the comments, so everyone can hear the answer!  And, I hope you hear this soon …

Bon Voyage,

Judy Best, Best Cruise Planners

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