Ready to Cruise!

Oasis of the Seas Embarkation Day

It’s 5:53 a.m. in Fort Lauderdale, and I’m wide awake, because it’s the day we board the beautiful new Oasis of the Seas.  I love the FLLSunriseexcitement of embarkation day.  We’re usually both awake, although Roger’s still snoozing this morning so far.  We’re staying in the lovely Embassy Suites, which has a separate bedroom from the living area, so I was able to slip out of the bedroom and close the door so he could get a little more sleep.  I’ve made the coffee, caught up with my emails and my online Facebook and Twitter friends, and now I’m blogging, because I’m ready to board that ship.  (I’m waiting for my online friend, @FtLauderdaleSun, to post their daily picture of the sunrise in Fort Lauderdale, so I can add it to this post.  I love seeing that picture every morning in my home in central Arkansas!)  Today’s picture is compliments of the cellphone of my Twitter friend, @FtLauderdaleSun.

Yesterday Atlanta airport experienced flight delays due to a software glitch, and folks were cooling their heels in airports all across the country.  Even though we arrived in Fort Lauderdale days ago to attend our Cruise Planners convention, I felt sorry for those folks waiting frustrated in airports, because I’ve felt their pain.  But, this is a prime example of why I always recommend flying in at least the day before the cruise departs and the purchase of travel protection.  Who wants to start their embarkation day with a flight delay that might cause them to miss the ship?  It’s so much nicer waking up early this morning in the port city, ready to board the ship!  And, travel protection just covers any additional costs you may experience due to delayed or cancelled flights. 

Anyway, I’m up ready to board the Oasis of the Seas.  When Roger wakes up, we’ll head down to the Embassy Suites Atrium for breakfast.  And, we’ll probably settle in with the USA Today that’s resting outside the door of our room in front of a TV to watch ABC’s Good Morning, America, as they broadcast live from the Oasis of the Seas this morning.  It just doesn’t get any more exciting that this.  

We’ll be posting photos live to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so come be our fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest and greatest.  And, I’ll be adding reviews and photos here as well.  Bon Voyage, wish you were here with us!

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