Play a round with Tiger?

My friend did! golfcourse

Since Tiger Woods is in the news, I guess it’s the perfect time to tell you my Tiger Woods story.  Actually, it’s not my story, but the story of my travel agent friend, Irene.  And, no, neither of us ever knew him intimately.

Irene was on a cruise that ported in the Dominican Republic.  She booked a golf excursion for the day, looking forward to playing the course that promised to overlook the rain forest and ocean, and it did – what a beautiful course!  One of the course’s golf pros played the course with her and the other cruise guests, but, as the play progressed, Irene felt like the golf pro was rushing them a little too much. 

Now, that wouldn’t have bothered me much.  I love golf, but I know I’m a hack, so sometimes I have to push forward some or let good golfers play through.  Irene is no hack, and she didn’t like being rushed, especially since she’d paid dearly to play this Dominican Republic course.  She was really becoming more and more irritated with this golf pro with every hole they played.  As they pulled up to the 18th hole, she noticed another golfer coming up behind them.  Lo and behold, who should it be …  no, not Santa Claus or his reindeers … it was Tiger Woods! 

The golf pro knew Tiger Woods was following them, so he was trying to stay ahead of him, but Tiger had caught up with them … of course.  Tiger stepped up to meet Irene and the other golfers and offered to play the 18th hole with them.  (Yes, Tiger Woods owns a home in the Dominican Republic!)  And, my friend, Irene, now brags about the round of golf she played with Tiger himself. 

So, when you port in the Dominican Republic, you may want to consider booking a round of golf … you never know.   And, that’s my story about Tiger Woods. Why not tell me about your brush with fame?  Some day I may tell you about when Roger and Rachel ran into Clint Eastwood in a swimsuit!

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