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Ever since Royal Caribbean started sending out press releases about the plans for the Oasis of the Seas ship, we’ve been excited about many of the new innovations on this ship.  But, the one we were anticipating the most was the Rising Tide bar, which Royal Caribbean stated would be “the first moving bar at sea, which will traverse three decks and allow cruisers to enjoy a cocktail as they slowly ascend into Central Park, the neighborhood above.”  We’re back from a cruise aboard the ship, with photos and reviews of this amazing Rising Tide Bar. 

The Rising Tide Bar slowly moves between the Royal Promenade on deck 5 to Central Park on deck 8.  You can only enter and exit this bar on decks 5 and 8.  The entrance to the bar is on the starboard side of the bar, and the exit is on the port side of the bar, Oasis2avoiding the congestion of guests entering and exiting.  And, the Rising Tide bar is shaped like some out-of-this-world space ship.

When the Rising Tide Bar is above deck 5, the landing area for the bar turns into a fountain with lighting that continually changes color.  I teased the Royal Caribbean staffer visiting with us as we were riding up on the Rising Tide Bar that the bar was hydro-powered.  This staffer, who hails from Telluride, Colorado, said the bar can move at varying speeds, and he specifically mentioned a fast ride between the floors that took 3 1/2 minutes, and the leisurely ride we were taking right then with a camera and reporter crew aboard from a Tampa television station that took almost 9 minutes. 

As you can tell from our pictures, you’re free to move around the bar snapping Oasis1pictures above, below, and within the bar.  Or you can relax and enjoy the ride, seated at non-movable cocktail tables and stools. 

You can enjoy a nice view of the Rising Tide bar moving between the decks while seated at the Schooner lounge, which also serves as the piano bar, or the Focus Photo Gallery on the opposite side of the deck from the Schooner lounge, but no seats there! 

It’s just a fancy elevator ride.  No music playing, which would be a nice touch, but would interfere with the lounges it was passing during the ride.  And, the only drinks served at the Rising Tide Bar is champagne and juice, to avoid the need for a fully stocked bar, but we believe it’s also designed to keep folks moving without settling in for the day. 

We visited with a Royal Caribbean staffer while we were waiting to board the Rising Tide Bar for our first time, and as we settled in for the ride, we saw her removing dirty glasses from the bar.  We rode the bar up to deck 8, then decided to stay aboard for the return ride to deck 5.  As the Rising Tide Oasis8Bar descended, we saw her again waiting below, carrying a load of clean glasses for the bar, and she smiled as we snapped her photo. 

During the day, we saw as few as 6 – 8 people riding at any given time, while the crowd grew to a rowdy 20 – 25 as the evening turned into night!  The Rising Tide bar is enclosed on the sides in glass with a ceiling that’s lit of like the night’s stars, so be sure to look up.  It doesn’t run continuously, as they close it down overnight just like any other bar, as well as between afternoon and evening to allow the staffers to change from their day uniforms to their evening attire. 

As far as I know, this is the only moving bar at sea, so if you want to experience the Rising Tide Bar, as well as the Aqua Theatre, the Boardwalk, Central Park, and all the other amazing features of this new ship, you need to get your cruise booked aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.  Give me a call if I can help you with that.  In the meantime, feel free to leave your comments or questions about the Oasis of the Seas below!


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