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Aqua Theater and More!

There is so much to see and do aboard the Oasis of the Seas, I really don’t think it can all be seen and done on a 7-night cruise, even if you DSCN0480never stopped at any ports, so this is a ship some folks will sail over and over again. 

Oasis of the Seas has a beautiful theatre, with no pillars blocking your view.  Unfortunately, none of the shows were ready for viewing during our short 2-night visit.  Mosaic, an interesting musical group, entertained us the first night, and the only Elton John impersonator endorsed by Sir Elton John sang the second night. 

Comedy Live aboard the Oasis of the Seas is a separate comedy venue.  We enjoyed a great show by two comedians one evening.  A late show was also scheduled with adult comedy, but we always opt out of those, because it seems like the comedians just throw in some vulgar language and sexually inappropriate comedy. 

Oasis1The Aqua Theater is the big new highlight of this ship, but they weren’t ready for a show on our sailing either.  We’d seen a brief performance on “Good Morning, America” before boarding, so it was disappointing to miss that, but we were able to watch them rehearse.  Pretty amazing!  Divers stood atop high dive platforms, while scuba divers were in the water below prepared to assist any performers needing assistance in the water.  Synchronized swimmers practiced their movements, and we were able to see a platform that moves up and down in the water that guests will not normally be able to see.  During some of the swimmer’s movements, they will be standing on the platform, giving them a nice break from treading water for long periods of time.  This looks to be an amazing show. 

That’s just a few of the many entertainment venues aboard the ship, where we also saw the piano bar in Schooners and karaoke in another bar.  And, you won’t want to miss the parades on the Royal Promenade and the Boardwalk … lots of great fun and surprises during those parades.  (I’m not going to be a spoiler on the surprises, so just trust me – make sure you’re there!)  Looking forward to hearing more reports as guests return from the first few sailings of the Oasis of the Seas in December, 2009.

Aqua Theater Diver Rehearsing

Aqua Theater Diver Rehearsing

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