Oasis of the Seas “Didn’t Loves”

Things We Didn’t Love on the Oasis of the SeasDSCN0449

Okay, seriously, there weren’t very many things we didn’t like about Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, but there were a few.  So, here’s my petty complaints:

I didn’t like booking the shows online before leaving home.  I don’t know what I want to do from night to night, so this requires me to “guess” what we’ll be in the mood for each night.  Yet, I felt pressured to do it, because if I didn’t I might not get into any of the shows.  This will really stink for anyone who books at the last minute! 

I didn’t like that there were no reminders in my stateroom of the entertainment I booked online before arriving.  I didn’t write down the shows, days, and times I selected, because I thought they’d send to me in your room.  When I asked, they directed me to stand in line with all the folks who hadn’t booked online to ask what I’d booked.  That really stinks! 

Once I was in the shows, I didn’t like that the room was still half empty, because some of the folks who had reserved seats changed their mind at the last minute, and no one else filled those seats. Another super-dooper really stinking moment. 

There didn’t seem like there was enough storage in the staterooms.  The only place for suitcases was under the bed.  Not enough drawers, and the electrical outlets are hidden underneath the desk!  That said … this is still an amazing ship, and we found a place for everything, so perhaps it’s time to purchase a loft or a suite!  

It was disappointing that the only drinks served on the Rising Tide Bar is champagne and juice.  After months of anticipation about this amazing bar, we sure expected more than two drinks served! 

The deck plans on the walls of the ships that normally show you everything on a deck did not show everything.  I guess that’s because this ship is just too darn big.  We had to keep looking for a map that showed us a full deck plan.  And, we were never handed a deck plan for the ship.  Instead we were handed a “make your own deck plan” kind of thing.  I’m not a craftsy girl, so that never got put together, and I kept wishing I had a deck plan in my hands.  Hopefully, they’ll fix this with the regular sailings. 

We really enjoyed our cruise aboard this fabulous ship, so these aren’t major complaints, just a bunch of little things that kind of bugged me.  Take it for what it’s worth!  This is still the ship I’d book when I’m sailing with grandma and grandpa, my darling husband, my grown kids, and their kids.

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