My Vacation Muse

One of my favorite young poets is Trey Rael Duhon.  I got to know Trey as a friend of my daughter, Rachel, and as they worked together to improve her skills Raelas a slam poet, and I’ve enjoyed several of his pieces.  When I found this poem this morning, I felt like he wrote it for me, so wanted to share it with you.  You can find more of his works on his Facebook page, Rael the Poet.  

My Vacation Muse

My muse went away last night
And it’s not the first time
He creeps away when I don’t pay attention
Or hides out when I don’t listen.
See he tries to tell me to stop and just take note,
But if I ignore it he tends to just take off

And I think…
He must take yours with him sometimes…

Cause I know that look in your eyes
The one you get when you’re staring at a page,
But can’t seem to find the words.
Or you’ve got something to say,
And just can’t work up the nerve.

Maybe… They run off together.
Summer vacations in the Alps, I hear its beautiful weather.
Riding on the backs of our pens to the top of the ski slopes
Then taking off down powder coated lanes between blue lines.

Or, winter in Hawaii.
Surfing the wave of our ink across the page
In the hopes of making it to shore
Of making it to something more…

Or maybe.
They decided to play hide and seek with our souls.
Tagging back and forth until one can’t find the other.
Cause I know, that like CSI,
Soul searching doesn’t always turn up a body…
But crimes of passion can still be committed on paper.

Or maybe… It’s just that.
A Crime.
Maybe, yours kidnapped mine in a scheme to find the time
To do something greater
A paper chase chasing its maker.

Or maybe… I’m getting it twisted.
Maybe mine kidnapped yours.
But I doubt it…
He just doesn’t seem the sort.
He’s more of a smooth talker.
A silver tongue tracing syllables that could sell religion
To a preacher.

Maybe, his words just danced circles around yours
And caused such a subtle confusion
That yours agreed to leave too.

See my muse likes to inspire others and that’s what he wants me to do.
But don’t worry. I promise they’ll be back.
Just as soon as mines through.

Written by Rael the Poet
Category: Cruise
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