Lots of Changes!

I’ve been away from my blog for way too long, but I’m back.  We’ve had so much happening in our lives, a few things had to give for a while.  Here’s what’s been happening in our lives …

My fam: Rachel, Roger & Titi ... Eric's still away in the Marines!

While I’ve been away, our foreign exchange student, Titi, returned home to Ecuador.  We really miss her.  I never would have believed that we would grow to love this young lady so much in just eight weeks, but it feels like a part of our family is gone.  We need to plan a family reunion to see her, and her home is close to the Galapagos Islands.  I’m thinking we should plan a reunion on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands.  Who else wants to cruise there!?! 

Just before she left, our home sold, so we had to move really fast.  So, we found a home, packed, moved, and unpacked in about three weeks.  Wow … some of the pictures still aren’t hung, but we like our new home very much, and we’re enjoying lots of time on the deck relaxing with one another and grilling out.  And, my parents were our first visitors in our new home, so we celebrated with mimosas.  I love for my parents to visit me. 

Class of 2010

Our daughter, Rachel, graduated from Cabot High School with honors.  There were lots of graduation activities leading up to her actual graduation.  We are so proud of her.  She stayed focused on her grades and taking challenging classes, so I know she’s well prepared to enter college next year at Lyon College in Batesville.  If any Batesville folks reading my blog would like to invite her over for a home cooked meal while she’s living on campus, just let  me know.  God knows, we’ve fed lots of homesick college kids over the years, and I’m sure we’ll host many more in the years to come.  Lyon College is one of the top 100 colleges in the country, and I’m glad it’s only about an hour and half from our home. 

When Rachel turned 16, we explained that if she got a car immediately, she’d need to get a job.  But, if she would ride the bus to and from school, one of our cars would almost always be available evenings and weekends, and then she wouldn’t have to work while in high school.  She did work continuously and make some good money as a babysitter, but she enjoyed her high school years more without having to work around a job.  And, she rode the bus all the way through her senior year.  So, now that she graduated, it was time to buy her a car.  We’ve spent several weeks shopping for a car, and finally found a cherry red 2001 Pontiac Grand Am that was perfect.  She had been praying for a red car, so I know that red car was a present from God, just as much as that car was a  present to her from us. 

An answer to prayer ...

And, in the middle of all this, I changed to a new travel agency host.  I’m now an independent affiliate with America’s Vacation Center.  I’ve been very happy for several years with my previous agency, but I love that my new agency host’s name makes it clear that I can help you plan your perfect vacation, whether you want a land vacation or a cruise.  I’ve always been able to do that, but lots of folks didn’t realize it.  My email is the same, my phone numbers are the same, but I have a new website, check it out.  One big change is I can now sell vacations to my fabulous Canadian guests in US and Canadian currency. 

So, that’s what’s been happening with me.  Send me an email to Judy@BestCruisers.com with your name and email address if you’d like to receive weekly updates of the best land and sea deals.  I still want to be your Best Travel Agent. Anything new with you?

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