First Time Cruisers?

You gotta laugh … DSCN0274

When we took our first cruise years ago now, we weren’t Internet savvy and hardly any of our friends had ever taken a cruise.  Everything we knew about cruising was written in the cruise brochure or the cruise documents.  So, we boarded the ship for our cruise ignorantly bliss, and now we know, first time cruisers are so easy to spot: 

“Try it, you might like it!”  Someone told us that if we had trouble deciding what to order from the dining room menus, that we could order everything we wanted.  And, our dining room server said that if we didn’t like anything he served, he would gladly remove it, getting us something else.  We dined out regularly back home, but we usually ordered something we knew we’d love, because we didn’t want to pay for a meal we wouldn’t eat, so this was going to be fun. 

Everything on the menu looked so great, we both ordered so much more than we could really enjoy, but Roger was in hog heaven.  He often ordered a couple appetizers, as well as two, sometimes three entrees.  One night when he’d stepped away from our table for a few minutes, the other guests asked if he always ate that much.  I laughed, explaining what we’d been told, and they were so relieved.  I still encourage cruisers to enjoy their first cruise in much the same way, although after taking many cruises, we now know exactly what we like, so we aren’t ordering as many multiple menu items any more. 

Do you have any first time cruiser stories about yourself or someone else?  Please share …

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