Sabbath Sunday 12/06/2009

Experiencing God in Nature!First Snow 2008001

I’m not an outdoorsy gal.  My husband likes to tease that my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service.  That’s an exaggeration, with a hint of truth.  So, what I’ve realized over the years from my brief moments in nature may actually be a “duh” moment for you.  What I’ve realized is I almost always experience the strong presence of God in nature. 

I find it easy to enter God’s presence anywhere as I focus on him throughout the day, but when I’m in nature, his presence often floods me suddenly.  It’s almost like God is waiting there for me.  On a starry moonlit night, after a fresh snow, on a cruise ship when the blue ocean meets the blue sky, or relaxing on a sandy beach with the waves lapping the shore, God is there.  I think this is one of the reasons I fell in love with cruising … I find God everywhere I look, and I love God so much, I love feeling his presence. 

Z1I’m headed to worship him at my local church.  You may want to do the same!

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