Dreaming of Alaska

Alaska or Bust, 2011! 

Every year when we plan our cruises, I mention that I’d really like to cruise Alaska.  Roger, my darling hubby, would put his hands out to either side, like he’s weighing the scales, and say, “I can put on extra clothes and go enjoy Alaska, or I can wear my shorts and flip flops in the Caribbean.”  The Caribbean always wins … until now.  We’re booked for Alaska in 2011.  We’ll fly to Anchorage to enjoy Princess CB3 3-night land tour, then board the Diamond Princess for a 7-night cruise southbound to Vancouver. 

I’m accustomed to recommending shore excursions in Alaska to my guests, but that’s always been based on what others have reported they’ve enjoyed.  I know the helicopter tour is amazing but expensive.  This cruise is actually a present for my daughter, who just graduated from high school, but we’re delaying it until next summer.  She really wants to see some whales, so we need to find her a good tour for that.  I love salmon, so a great salmon meal would be a real treat. 

Anyway, I know many of you have been to Alaska and have some good recommendations of excursions to do as well as those to avoid.  So, I’d love to hear your recommendations of the best way to explore Alaska on cruise and off.  Little help?

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