Cruising’s Cashless Society

Leave your Cash in the Safe!  IMG_1359

After enjoying several cruise vacations, it’s easy to forget all the things you didn’t know on your first cruise.  Recently, we boarded our cruise and started to wander around exploring the ship.  Of course, we had to stop at one of the bars to pick up a drink to enjoy during our explorations.  While we were waiting for our drinks, a guy next to us at the bar was served his drink.  He signed the ticket, then dug into his pocket to pull out a couple of dollars for the server.  The server smiled big, thanking him.  As this nice man walked away with his drink, I followed.  I asked him to pull out his copy of the drink ticket he’d just signed.  He was surprised to see that the cruise line had automatically added a 15% gratuity to his drink. I encouraged him to leave his cash in his room on the ship, everything is taken care of with his shipboard charge card.  He thanked me for taking the time to tell him this. 

How do first time cruisers learn these things?  Lots of folks, like me, are trying to spread the word on the Internet, so if you are a first time cruiser reading this – good for you.  As a travel agent, I try to make sure all my guests know what to expect.  I guess I just want to encourage everyone to help out this folks when you run into them on a cruise.  You might make a new friend for life!

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