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Tips for First Time Cruisers

After answering the same questions over and over again, a few years ago I finally wrote a 20-page brochure, “Tips for First Time Cruisers”, which I provide to first time cruisers who book their cruise with me.  I included all the things you need  or want to know before your first cruise.  It includes information about flights, dining, packing, dress suggestions, and more.  I encourage my first time guests to read through that brochure, jotting down new questions that they think of as they read it, but most of their questions are answered by the time they finish reading it.  A couple of questions I’ve been asked that I would never have thought of include these:

  • Do we need to pack beach towels?  Leave your beach towels at home.  Your stateroom attendant will provide you with fresh beach towels every morning. 


  • Will there be enough life jackets for everyone, or should I bring my own from my bass boat?  (This gal admitted she had watched Titanic too many times!)  There are plenty of life jackets for everyone aboard the ship.  That’s a law now. 

I know that many of you who read my blog are avid cruisers, and some of you are loyal to a specific cruise line.  I’d love to hear the tips you offer your friends who’ve booked their first cruise, whether it’s a general cruise tip or a tip for a specific cruise line.  (And, if you’re a first time cruiser planning your first cruise, I’d love to help you book your cruise and send you my 20-page “Cruise Tips” brochure.  You can call me at (877)274-4825.)

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