Cruise Line Private Islands

Which is your favorite and why? Labadie2007

After three or more ports of call, there’s nothing like a leisurely day spent relaxing and playing on one of the cruise line’s private islands.  We’ve only visited two or three of them, because we usually select cruise itineraries with only three ports of call, but we always enjoy those relaxing beach days on private islands.  So far, we’ve visited Princess Cay and Coco Cay. 

Our day at Coco Cay is especially memorable, because it was our first cruise together as a family.  Rachel was only 8, and she wanted to make sand castles and play in the shallow water near the beach, so I spent the day on a nearby beach chair reading a book and enjoying the island drink, Coco Loco.  Eric was 18, so he and Dad headed off for a couple of adventures.  They loved the speed of their jetski excursion, and they experienced all the treasures beneath the sea as they spent the afternoon snorkeling.  A perfect memorable beach day for our family. 

I’d love to hear about your favorite private island experience!

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