Christmas on a Cruise Ship

Deck the Halls for the Season!IMG_1520

We have not customarily cruised over the holidays, but when we booked the Caribbean Princess a few years ago for a 7-night cruise in early December, I wondered if she would be decorated for the holidays.  I was not disappointed! 

Greenery, decorated Christmas trees, and other holiday decorations covered the ship.  When we jumped on the Carnival Holiday last year for a quick Thanksgiving cruise, we were disappointed that the Christmas decorations weren’t up yet, but the staff said they would be decorating while we were aboard.  So, I suspect the staff decorates most of the ships sometime around Thanksgiving!  Here’s some photos of the Caribbean Princess ship decorated for Christmas! 

Last year, Princess had a special show on their ships over the holidays, as faux snow fell each evening in the Grand Atriums.  Fun for guests of all ages.  On our Thanksgiving cruise, a traditional Thanksgiving was available in the dining rooms for the evening meal if you chose.  No cooking, no clean up, but enjoying the family all the same.  I quickly understood why so many Moms might vote for a family tradition of cruising over the holidays. 

My younger brother plans to sail over New Year’s Eve each year as his kids get older and move out, so there’s no pressure to come home for Christmas, but they know they can always join the parents for a cruise into the New Year.  Great ideas!  Hope you enjoy these pictures from our Caribbean Princess holiday cruise. 

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