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Sabbath Sunday

You’ll find me today focusing on God and my family today.  We’ll miss church, at home today with Rachel who is recovering from her tonsillectomy this week. more »

Claimed your blog yet?

Bloggers need to take the important step of claiming their blog at Technorati, so that’s what I’m doing here. 


If you’re not a blogger, this probably doesn’t interest you, but it’s something I had to do.  Doing this proves I’m the author of this blog, giving me more control.  Back to some fun travel topics after this brief technology break!

Travel Tuesday 10/6/2009

Many of you already follow my tweets on Twitter, but, for the few who aren’t, you can find me sharing short tips and deals there, as well as retweeting some great posts, blogs, and pictures from others with my Twitter name, @judybest. For this Travel Tuesday, I’d like to recommend three of my favorite travel folks from Twitter: 

  • Donna Hull,  Beautiful pictures mixed with anecdotes, recipes, helping tips and more.  On Twitter, she’s @DonnaHull. 
  • Janice,  Solo travel tips, destinations and deals.  She tweets as @SoloTraveler. 
  • Peter Greenberg,  Travel guru for CBS, AARP, Forbes, and others.  You can find him on Twitter as @PeterSGreenberg. 
  • Keith Jenkins, Lives in Amsterdam and love to share his passion about travel, and I love his pictures!

And, I’ll have more Travel Tuesday recommendations next week!