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A Bermudaful Day with Somerset Bridge Water Sports!

2015-04-12 18.18.38 We’re just back from our second visit to Bermuda, and everyone needs to visit Bermuda at least once, and that probably won’t be enough for you. You can enjoy Bermuda’s beaches on your own with no problems, and public transportation, which includes ferry and bus, allows you to explore the entire island affordably. This time, we decided it was time to enjoy some watersports, so we joined our friends for a Jet Ski Adventure with Somerset Bridge Watersports. And, we saved a little money with their Early Bird Special at 8:15 am. What a great way to begin a day in Bermuda!

My husband, Roger, is an old pro with jet skis, and he loves speed, so I was thrilled to ride as his passenger. This was a beautiful morning, and the cool breeze and the spray of the water kept us both smiling. Our tour guide, Harry challenged us to catch him, and Roger gave it his best. I was hanging on, having a ball, laughing because it felt like my body was going to take flight a lot of the time. Wow, what a great ride. Bermuda’s coastline was beautiful from the water, and I’m only sorry our tour was over before we made it to David Bowie’s Bermuda home.

The pinnacle of our ride was feeding the fish at the wreck of the Vixen. The fish swarmed as we tossed bread in the water, what an amazing sight. Harry invited 2015-04-12 17.20.12us to jump into the frenzy, and Roger jumped right in. I stayed on the jet ski, laughing watching those fish frenzy around him. This was so much fun! Here’s the details of our ride:

Taxis were waiting in the port area to take us anywhere, so our group of seven jumped in a van for the short ride to Somerset Bridge. The taxi driver headed inside with us, because Somerset Bridge Watersports pays for your taxi ride to their facility. And, we all settled in to complete our paperwork for the ride. We sure would have loved some coffee while we did this, so that’s a little suggestion for their early bird business.

After our paperwork was completed, we headed inside for our safety briefing, and to store our belongings in their facility. The ride is fast, so anything that’s not secured tightly to you needs to be left behind, including sunglasses and hat. My hat was the only loss on our trip, so I replaced it with a Bermuda hat shortly after this excursion. And, we all donned our life jackets, before boarding the jetskis.

2015-04-12 16.26.27Bermuda had some damage from Hurricane Gonzalo last year, so Somerset Bridge Watersports has all new jet skis as a result. We all boarded our jet skis, ready to head out in our water tour of Bermuda.

Our tour guide, Harry, told us, Speed is our friend, and the jet skis were so much easier to handle at speeds above 40. The gals in our group had no problem handling the jet skis, and we only had one couple in our group who didn’t fare well, because the wife kept telling the hubby to slow down, when he really needed to go faster to get better control.

Once our ride was over, we waited outside Somerset for a while, laughing and sharing our jetski stories, until we realized that no taxis were coming down there, so we all strolled out to the main road, where a taxi quickly pulled over to take us back to the port.

I absolutely recommend Somerset Bridge Watersports for all your water fun in Bermuda, whether you want to kayak, jet ski, ski and/or snorkel, or rent a boat. Tell them I sent you!


Price Increases?

Cruise Price Increases

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White Hot Party!

Parties @ Sea

Last spring we sailed the Norwegian Spirit roundtrip from Boston to Bermuda, where the ship served as our floating resort while we toured Bermuda.  We had a great time in Bermuda, exploring the beaches and towns, and we can’t wait to go back again, because although that beautiful island is quite small, it will take several visits to experience everything.  But, we were in for one more fabulous treat as the Spirit set sail for home, a party at sea.  more »

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Vacation Payments

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National Cruise Vacation Month

IMG_0588National Cruise Month!

Are you celebrating with us? 

It’s that time of year again!  National Cruise Vacation month is being celebrated this month, and that’s great news for you!  From October 12 to 19th we are showing our Cruisitude by holding a gigantic World’s Largest Cruise Event Sale.  We have special offers from 7 of the most popular cruise lines and knock-your-socks-off promotions ranging from shipboard credits to 2 for 1 airfares.  But don’t procrastinate because these limited time offers will sail away with you. 

Ready to join the party? 

Check out these great videos of five fabulous cruise lines, and dream a bit – then let’s start planning your cruise vacation.