All cabins the same, right?

Location, Location, Location!

All cabins are created the same, right?  Not so fast, world traveler.  Experienced cruisers have learned a few secretsIMG_0484 about determining the best stateroom choices.  It’s true that most  contemporary and premium class ships being built today offer “cookie cutter” cabins that are very similar in dimension and layout.  But even if they all appear to be the same according to the deck plan, there are some things you can do to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.  The prime consideration is location, location, location.

 Carefully view the deck plan to check for elevator, lobbies, and high traffic areas like buffet entrances.  Staterooms in this area can be a little more lively (read noisy) than others.  And also take note if the cabin is under an active public area.  A few years ago, I was in a beautiful balcony cabin that was directly beneath a Lido deck storage locker.  Every morning, my traveling mate and I were summoned from our dream-filled sleep not by the sound of gentle waves slapping against the hull but by not-so-gentle deck hands dragging things on their “floor” which also happened to be our ceiling.  Sounded like thunder every morning! 

And, be warned … all deck plans are not accurate.  For example, most ships have some obstructed view staterooms, but you have to read the small print to know which ones have that obstructed view.  And, that obstructed view can be anything from a lifeboat hanging outside your stateroom to a staff ladder where someone from the ship’s staff may be standing outside your stateroom at any time. 

You can do a lot of this research yourself, but here’s a hint.  Your cruise specialist likely knows a lot of these tricks of the trade and can assist you in the search for that perfect hideaway.  Of course, if you are an early riser and long for the old military style wake up call, then my former balcony stateroom is probably available!

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