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Jamaica Me Crazy with blogger Sarabeth Jones

You gotta love a good story!  Sarabeth and I both live in Little Rock, but we met online through some form of social media, then in person at one of the many social networking events held in Little Rock.  (I think that’s true, but I meet so many people in so many different places, it may not be true.)  Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to help Sarabeth and her friends plan a few vacations, because that’s what I do.  When Sarabeth returned from her recent trip to celebrate her hubby’s 40th birthday, she had quite a story, and I knew you’d enjoy reading it as much as I did.  So, here it is in four parts; for best enjoyment, start with part one.  As you’re enjoying her engaging story, take time to check out the beautiful pictures from Jamaica in each part.  It’s worth reading all four parts.  And, you may want to follow Sarabeth

Jamaica is a beautiful island, but the locals believe all Americans exiting cruise ships are rich, and their greatest goal is to separate every guest from all their riches.  I always recommend you have a plan when visiting Jamaica, so you can safely enjoy this beautiful island.

Americans can still take a cruise that sails roundtrip from a US port without a passport, with just their photo ID driver’s license and birth certificate.  A passport is still the easiest and safest way to travel.  But, bring your driver’s license along, too, in cases you need it to get a day pass in Jamaica!

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