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Best Vacation Pre-Tan?

What’s the best way to start your vacation with a tan? 

As a travel agent, I’m asked this question frequently, and there’s lots of different answers that might be right or wrong for you based on your sensitivity to the sun and your concern about the effect of suntan and sunburns on your skin.  One of my really neat friends from here in Arkansas asked yesterday on Facebook, “Spray tan or brush tans?  Where to get one locally?” 

Here’s the answers so far based on services offered in central Arkansas: 

  • Beth says:  Tans You by Kroger on Shackleford, but if you do not put a thorough lotion coverage in areas such as your hands and feet, it can appear orange.  Indulgences by Body Bronze on Cantrell is another.  Suggests that the best color and even color occurs when someone sprays the tan on while you stand in front of them with skimpy panties or nude.  Beth says these tans never last as long as they promis though. 
  • Heather gives another recommendation for Indulgences by Body Bronze on Cantrell, but warns to plan ahead, because you had to forego moisturizing body wash and lotions a few days ahead of time for this tan to apply properly.  Also, allow a few days post tan before jumping into salt water or a pool. 
  • Samantha suggests Airbrush Tanning of Arkansas in Sherwood. 
  • And, Dee says Ava Bella offers Airbrush tanning now, using Fake Bake which doesn’t streak and spplies to your own pigmentation, looking like a real tan.   Just $40 for the full body, but 10% off if you mention reading it here. 

Roger still jumps in the tanning beds at the gym before our cruises and supplements that with some tanning lotion. 

Do you pre-tan?  If so, what works best for you?  What product or service did you use?  Might as well give them some good free publicity here.

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