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Growing List of Great Beaches

A Little Help with My List of Great Beaches?

Last week, I blogged about our favorite Caribbean beaches, and I asked you to add any that you especially love.  ACB Nov2009 006 couple friends did leave a couple suggestions on Best Cruise Planners’ Facebook page. more »

Sabbath Sunday 10/25/09

Worship Music in the Caribbean

We like 7- or 8-nights cruises the best.  With shorter cruises, we feel like we’ve barely started relaxing when we’re already disembarking.  For us, it takes at least seven nights to really relax and restore our souls.  (With one child still at home and in school nine months out of the year, we haven’t taken any of those great longer cruises yet, but we’re looking forward to those 9-night and longer cruises in coming years.)  All these cruises that sail 7-nights or longer, we find ourselves at sea at least one or more Sundays.  Even though, I’m on a cruise ship, my mind is still connected to God, especially on Sundays.  more »

What’s Your Favorite Caribbean Beach?

Here’s Our Favorite Caribbean Beaches

We love beaches, and in fact, we dream of retiring on one of these great island beaches!  Everywhere we go, we love nothing better than finding a beautiful beach where we can enjoy part of the day.  I enjoy a beach chair under a big umbrella, a foo-foo drink and a book in my hands, a cool breeze, warm sand under my feet, and the sound of the tide rolling into the beach.  My husband is more of a sun lover, so his chair is nearby in the full sun.  So, here’s some of our favorite beaches, and I hope you’ll share your favorite beaches in a comment below! more »

Looking for a Cheap Cruise?

Finding the Best Cruise Price!

Finding the best cruise price really means finding the right cruise for you – ship, sail date, itinerary, departure port, and accommodations – at the best price available.  If you’re just looking for the lowest price, you need to sail during the slower travel months of the region you’re visiting, in an inside stateroom on a short cruise, sailing from a driving distance port.  But, for the rest of us, we know what we want, and we just want the best value for that product.  So, let’s take a look at the various elements that impact price to see what we can control: more »

Luxury Resort Review

One of my valued guests, Kelli Marks, has just returned from a stay at the luxury resort, NH Riviera Cancun, so I’m welcoming her as my guest blogger today to offer you a review of her visit to Puerto Morelos, Cancun, and her stay at NH Riviera Cancun.  more »